Custom Built

You envision it. We’ll make it.  Wildcat Manufacturing is dedicated to getting our customers exactly what they want. Whatever it may be, we can help you build it.

100% American



Original Wildcat Spot-Sprayer

The original Wildcat product helping farmers for over 30 years.

The original Wildcat is self-propelled with a four wheel clearance for solid cotton. The tanks on this machine are standard equipment holding 25 or 60 gallons with automatic pumps.

Adjustable wheel with from 40 inches to 80 inches. These machines are designed and built for heavy-duty agriculture applications that can be used year round for additional chores.
Wildcat spot sprayers are a dependable, economical alternative for weed control.

Wildcat Specifications

  • 18 HP Kohler Twin Cycle Gasoline Engine
  • Eaton-Hydrostatic Drive and Wheel Motors
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • One control for both forward and reverse by Hydrostat
  • 12 Volt automatic type battery
  • Variable speed: 0-18 MPH

Tables, Storage, Self-Propelled Vehicles, Trains, etc….

Need something custom and durable? Something unique? Something to solve a problem?

If you need a custom application like:

  • A major retailer with a fleet of hundreds of 18-wheel trucks needed a sturdy, custom-fit box to store and carry their heavy duty tire chains for winter weather. They called Wildcat.
  • A local municipality needed picnic tables, benches that could handle extremes in weather, stand up to abuse, and secured against easy theft. The city called Wildcat.
  • A major agricultural research university needed a one-of-a-kind vehicle to carry various high tech measurement instruments into a field of mature corn. When looking for someone to build it, they were referred by several to Wildcat.
  • Not everyone needs a train, but if you own a family-friendly vacation campsite and want a unique, safe and fun solution, who are you going to call? Wildcat Manufacturing.

These are just a few examples of the unique solutions Wildcat has provided for our customers.


Custom Trains by Wildcat… Why not?



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Custom Agricultural Applications



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